On 14 June 2023, DVSA has announced the road to DVSA earned recognition programme trial.

New operators which have been issued with a licence in the last 6 months can join.

Being on the programme will help new operators build best practice and good compliance in their business so they can confidently apply for DVSA earned recognition status in the future.

Why a new programme

The DVSA earned recognition scheme launched in 2018. It’s for established operators which can demonstrate a strong track record of compliance and meet the necessary driver and vehicle standards.

Having a proven culture of compliance means operators benefit from fewer stops at the roadside.

New licence holders can sometimes find the journey towards compliance a challenge, due to the rules and regulations they need to understand and meet.

The road to DVSA earned recognition programme will help new operators work towards that same level of compliance in their business. And at the end of the programme, they can apply to join DVSA earned recognition scheme.

How the trial programme will work

New operators will work towards Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are similar to those in the DVSA earned recognition scheme.

The programme will last for 2 years, with support and guidance provided by DVSA.

New operators which successfully complete the road to DVSA earned recognition programme and pass an audit will achieve DVSA earned recognition status.

Promoting fair competition

The road to DVSA earned recognition will help new operators put an effective compliance regime in place.

Recruiting new operators onto the programme will reassure existing operators that they’ll be competing for business on a level playing field.

Find out more about the new road to DVSA earned recognition trial and how you can join on GOV.UK.