Millions of motorists across the UK have been confined to their local area, working from home, driving on familiar local roads. But, following the lifting of most social distancing restrictions, drivers are again navigating unfamiliar places, and anxiety is rising.

Confidence is a major factor in how we drive or ride, particularly for those who have been driving or riding less in recent months. A loss of confidence can increase anxiety, which puts us at greater risk of being involved in an incident on the road.

In this incident, a fleet camera system will protect a business. Not only does it provide professional insight into the way drivers conduct themselves on the road, but it’s clear proof in the event of accident claims, protection against mendacious claims and ‘crash-for-cash scams and evidence of dangerous driving.

More importantly is getting the right cover for a business with the right commercial insurance whether your drivers are in HGVS, transit vans or a company car. Qualified, experienced and highly recommended commercial insurance experts will find the exact cover.

At FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS, we have access to Lloyd’s of London and all the UK’s leading insurers, there is no need for you to trawl through confusing comparison websites to find the best deal, and you will not have to pay for all the ‘add-ons’ that you will never need.

Whether you have one or thousands of vehicles on the road, we can help reduce your running costs with discounted diesel and petrol, telematic tracking, vehicle cameras and business insurance solutions. Visit your membership page or call one of our experts today on 01367 704 910 ─ we look forward to becoming your ‘trusted partner’.