A damaged vehicle can be a stressful experience for any driver. Whether it’s a minor scrape or a much bigger bump, few are prepared.

What’s worse, the cost-of-living crisis has caused many consumers to have fewer savings than they previously would have, making paying for their bodywork or excess much more worrisome.

This can be a big problem for bodyshops. More cash-strapped customers mean lower conversion rates and more dissatisfied customers.

One solution is increasing payment flexibility for drivers. More options at the checkout means more customers with the power to say yes to those essential repairs.

Bumper, a digital payment provider, built specifically for the automotive industry has a solution: PayLater.

The ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ option allows customers to split their bodywork or excess into monthly payments, completely interest-free.

Customers complete a few details and Bumper gives them an instant decision. Following their approval, customers add their card details for repayment and you and your customers part ways happy.

Bumper pays you upfront and the customer repays Bumper over their chosen payment dates. No risk to your business. No worries for your customers.

Retailers using Bumper to split their customers’ invoices into monthly payments have seen increased customer satisfaction and conversion:

· 71% of customers authorised more work because they spread the cost of their bill with Bumper

· 90% of customers would return to the same garage because they offered Bumper

· 35% increase in average invoice value of customers using Bumper to split their bill

· 89% of customers felt less stressed because they used Bumper to spread the cost

Bumper’s PayLater is available for trade customers too. Business customers can pay by invoice in 14, 30, 60 or 90 days. There is no paperwork to complete, and payments are verified by the customer’s business email.

For flexible payment solutions built specifically for the automotive industry, use Bumper. Contact us on sales@bumper.co