EV Webinar Docs

  1. NBRA HEV vehicle Webinar Presentation

This is the EV Webinar presentation that was aired on the 23rd Feb2021 at 1pm

  1. HEV Awards & Accreditations for BS10125.

This document shows the IMI Awards & Accreditation accepted by the BSI for BS10125, it also explains the difference between Awards & Accreditation

  1. The Electricity at Work Regulation-

This is a copy of the HSE Regulation in full

  1. EV HSE 1- HSR 25

This is section that refers to HEV

  1. EV HSE 2- HSG 261

This is section that refers to HEV

  1. HEV Vehicle Guidance –

This document gives a general overview of the requirements for HEV

  1. H & S in Motor Vehicle Repair-

This document covers all the HSE guidance for Motor Vehicle Repairs

  1. NBRA Approved Training Providers

This document includes all the NBRA approved training centres that can deliver EV training