Driving is probably the most dangerous thing any of us do daily. But how often do we think about the risks involved in driving? 

Most people think it will never happen to them; however, deaths on the road happen to people every single day.

The Department for Transport, Goods Vehicle fatalities on the road (2018) report makes for shocking reading: 4,702 HGVs involved in fatal or severe injury collisions, and 12,062 vans involved in fatal or severe injury collisions.

As owner-operators, the responsibility for ensuring drivers stay as healthy and safe as possible is on your shoulders. The Health & Safety Executive has recently revised its driving for work guidance. Do you have a comprehensive ‘Driving for work’ policy? It can feel overwhelming to focus on the management of work-related road safety, but it will help reduce risk, no matter the size of your organisation.

FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS offers Road Skills Online’s Professional Development Plan (PDP) to take the hassle away from operators, with an e-learning platform delivering monthly, industry-recognised Toolbox Talks direct to drivers’ mobiles at a time of their choosing.

The 36-month programme has accreditation from the CPD Standards Office. It prioritises common high-risk topics to minimise those risks as quickly as possible into everything from personal health and wellbeing through to customer service and teamwork.

Alongside the Trustmark, considerable cost, and safety benefits of an ongoing programme of Continuing Professional Development, the 36-month PDP provides a tick in the box for several industry standards such as FORS D4, S5 and G5, and DVSA Earned Recognition Section 7.2, not to mention O Licence compliance.

Whether you have one or thousands of vehicles on the road, we can help reduce your running costs with discounted branded and tailored diesel, petrol, electric and pre-paid fuel cards, telematics tracking, dashcams, improving driver training and business insurance solutions. Get in touch here ─ we look forward to becoming your ‘trusted partner’.