In September 2022, the James Alpe Charity Golf Day ended in a resounding success with the fundraising efforts directed towards ‘The Baby Remembrance Garden’ at Burnley Crematorium. The generosity of the sponsors and participants has been instrumental in bringing this meaningful project to completion.

At the heart of this creativity stands the memorial tree, a moving tribute meticulously designed by the very skilled Joe Palmer, Project Manager at James Alpe Ltd. The collaboration with FLE (Ferguson Laser Engineering Ltd) further enriched the masterpiece, generously providing materials and expertise in laser cutting. Formed from 8mm thick mild steel, the tree stands as a testament to resilience, comprising five intricately welded sections left to gracefully weather outdoors, oxidising into a rustic look. The leaves, crafted from aluminium and anodised in three shades of green, add a touch of vibrancy to the solemn setting.

The journey of the memorial tree continued as it found its home at Burnley Crematorium, where Roger Bristol, the Landscape Gardener, laid its foundations within a picturesque landscape. Here, among the peaceful surroundings, bereaved parents find comfort in the sacred space, where memories are tenderly cherished and honoured.

Now, the opportunity to personalise this tribute further has emerged, as the leaves become canvases for personal engravings. Each inscription a testament to the enduring love and cherished memories of those beloved children.

Andrea Parkinson would like to add a sincere thank you to all involved in this project. The garden was founded 25 years ago, their efforts have ensured that the garden will continue to be a dedicated, respectful and a peaceful place of memorial for families in our community, to acknowledge the lives of their babies and children lost.

Reflecting on the project, Lee Shaw, Managing Director of James Alpe Ltd commented: “It was a wonderful project to be involved in as James likes to give back to support local communities. The impact of these contributions goes beyond financial support, as it creates a lasting symbol of empathy and remembrance, offering comfort to those who have endured the profound loss of a child”.