Jifeline Networks is a company that provides a hardware and software solution for businesses to provide a remote diagnostic, calibration, coding & programming service either as a third party, using a white-labelled solution, or as an in-house service.

There are already a number of partners in the UK working with Jifeline Networks, these are brands that are already servicing customers in the bodyshop industry and these have been confirmed as an approved solution.

Key Benefits:

By working with one of the Jifeline Network partners you would get access to not only the technicians within that organisation, because of the way in which the eco-system works, but you will also get access to any technician currently working as a partner. There are more than 250 specialists available, therefore that there are very few jobs that cannot be completed.

We are aware that it’s important to provide the complete service, therefore the ecosystem also includes a mobile partner for those tough jobs that needs an expert car side. This is managed through the dashboard either directly within your business or through your partners.

It’s all about options, you can pick from 3 business options:

1. Be a customer of an existing Jifeline Network partner;
2. Catalogue Partner with your own dashboard utilising the outsource technician function;
3. Full Partner utilising the hardware and software to create your own in-house service providing the ability to upskill your staff and utilising your existing tools.

If you require further information on the current partners and whether you are already benefiting from their excellent service, then please contact Richard Taylor directly and he will discuss with you the options available.
Email: richard@jifeline.com
Mobile: 07587 783250
Website: https://www.jifeline.net/en-gb/home