Jifeline Networks is the European leader in the world of remote services for jobs such as vehicle scans, coding & programming of new parts fitted to a vehicle and calibration of cameras & sensors. 

Jifeline are unique as they provide the infrastructure of remote devices, diagnostic tool connection modules and a job management dashboard that supports organisations in creating their own business and the ability to manage jobs for customers or in-house. With over 130 partners in the UK spanning more than 25 countries, thousands of jobs every day go through the solution and with a clever ecosystem they are able to link together around 450 technicians working across their partners, who are able to complete any job on any vehicle. 

They have some amazing partners in the UK who between them are supporting the body repair industry daily through remotely connecting a technician to any vehicle in the UK or indeed any part of Europe.  

Jifeline is also leading the way in the challenge of technician shortage, because of the clever way in which their solution has been designed not only do they have access to over 450 technicians but they also utilise a solution called automated functions, where jobs are completed by a robot using AI. 

The power of their solution is the ability to bring together a community of IMI certified, job specific trained technicians and OE trained technicians in one solution, so this gives customers the comfort to know that no matter which partner they choose, that partner will always have access to the right tools and technicians either in-house or within the community. 

In an ever-evolving technology driven industry Jifeline are leading the way in ensuring that there are true experts available to look after vehicles ensuring that the repair industry is protected.