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Industry Steering Groups

The National Body Repair Association was launched in March 2017 and brought together the National Association of Bodyshops and the repairer members of the Vehicle Builders and Repairers Association. NBRA members displaying the TSI Approved Code Logo operate to a strict Code of Practice approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.
The NBRA is the only trade association for car body repairers in the UK.

We are a part of a wide range of industry steering groups

SVS20 Committee BS10125

My involvement is to assist in drafting the standard and give technical advice and guidance and this will include referring to both Gerry and Pete for their technical expertise and then onto our members to keep them abreast of developments

ADAS Committee 

I once chaired this committee and as a result of Pete and Gerry being furloughed earlier in the year I have been asked to sit on the steering group once again and this predominantly involved checking a new insurance guide for ADAS that is being rolled out in March 2021 and Pete Gerry and myself are preparing our members for its launch.

BRIT – British Repair Industry Trailblazer group

The amalgamation of 2 trailblazer groups into one in order again to review apprentice standards in England and keep them maintained to keep up with growing technology in the industry. Whilst sitting on this group I am also heavily involved in reviewing apprentice qualifications in Wales as they are not governed by the same standard as in England.

CAPS Advisory

NBRA Director sits on this committee that sits quarterly along with a wide cross-section of industry leaders.  The purpose of the committee is to guide CAPS with future strategy and to ensure it is there and functioning for the good of the industry.  NBRA is there to ensure that the facility helps repairers with reduced administration and also to ensure that as much as possible it remains a free service to repairers.

NBRA Insurer Advisory Board

Chris Weeks chairs this board which is attended quarterly by senior leaders across insurance and accident management.  It was formed in 2019 as a forum to discuss the high level issues that affect the industry and to find win-wins that will enable both repairers and insurers to operate more seamlessly and profitably.  Examples of areas being addressed are: The cost of fault mobility; Annual review of repairer terms; Eroding VM parts margins etc.

Accident repair and glazing advisory Group

The purpose is to ensure that our members are getting the information on things like BS10125 in respect of changing standards and procedures. Apprentice programmes, Adult learning ATA. Giving our advice and opinion on behalf of our members, as most of these advisory boards assume that all body shops have pots of money and all the kit and training to repair anything. So we advise on what training is needed and where in the business and for how long the training should be for.


We all as a team sit on this as it’s an old VBRA committee I’m not sure how much longer it will go on for. I suspect Chris will have a good idea, there’s only one expert on the team and that’s Gerry as it all about trucks.

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