Apple produce mobility trends based on the requests for directions in Apple Maps.  Whilst this data tells us that people driving is still below the average pre COVID-19 level, it is gradually on the rise, now at -20%. *1

The latest published BEIS statistics (04/03/2021) shows the average road fuel sales and stock levels from sampled filling stations since the end of January 2020. These are based on a sample of around 4,500 road fuel filling stations in Great Britain. *2

For the week ending 28 February 2021:

  • Average sales for this week were 72 per cent of the sales in a typical week before the first lockdown (which started 23 March 2020).
  • Compared to the week prior, average sales per filling station increased 5.7 per cent across Great Britain as a whole. Average sales were 5.5 per cent higher in England, 6.8 per cent higher in Wales and 7.1 per cent higher in Scotland.
  • In terms of stock levels, filling stations were on average 41 per cent full at the end of each day.

This data indicates that drivers are growing in confidence to return to the roads. NBRA expect to see a sharp increase over the coming weeks as children return to schools and people begin to filter back into their working environments.

According to CAPS Claims Analysis Report, who are also a Member of NBRA, claims exchanges remained relatively stable for the week ending 27 February 2021. *3

  • Measured against the exchanged peak – week ending 07 November 2020 – unique claims saw a two percent increase over the previous week rising to 76%, while supply chain transmissions stood at 82%, a one per cent increase on the previous week’s figure.
  • The week’s activity, although continuing the rise and fall trend since the start of Lockdown 3.0, breaks the pattern seen during the past few weeks which had witnessed major fluctuations from week-to-week. It also signalled the lowest increase seen over the reporting period.
  • Regionally, Greater London and Northern Ireland demonstrated three consecutive weeks of exchange volume increase, whilst for the third week in a row East Midlands; North East, North West; and Scotland all showed decreases.

Chris Weeks, NBRA Director commented: “It is always interesting to look at what the relevant data for car, petrol and claims usage are in the current climate.  It provides an indication as to how the repair industry may look in the coming months. Where repairers have taken a hit on their business over the past year, these statistics remain optimistic that claims should start to soon be back close to pre-covid levels.”

“With the schools coming back yesterday, this data will continue to develop, but NBRA will provide you with as much advanced notice as possible, so you may gear your business back up in time to take advantage of increased claims volumes.”

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