Friday Good News Story of the Week!

NBRA are proud to announce that we are in the process of assisting NBRA Repairer Member Zeus Accident Repair Ltd in Snodland, Kent in the recovery of a significant debt from a work provider whom we shall not mention, firstly due to information security and secondly because they dealt with the situation swiftly and amicably. The debt amounted to a staggering £46,000:00 but thanks to our intervention, Joe has now received £20,000:00 of that and the balance looks set to follow shortly.


Joe first made NBRA aware of the debt several weeks ago whereby he stated the work provider concerned had exceeded the ninety day contract terms which had been agreed.


Zeus Accident Repair Ltd are a relatively new company as the Managing Director, Joe Stavrinidis launched the business just before the first lockdown restrictions were imposed last year. This sadly meant that Joe didn’t qualify for the furlough scheme. Late payments therefore added insult to injury and the stress was immense.


Joe Stravrindis has quoted “I am so relieved that I made the decision to join the NBRA. I have utilised several of the benefits in the short time that I have been a member such as HR and legal support, Repair Methods and some of the Supplier member solutions. When I was told the package included Debt Recovery I never imagined it would be something I would have cause to use, let alone so soon! NBRA intervened and took positive action as soon as I brought the matter to their attention and I am extremely grateful. I would highly recommend NBRA membership to all bodyshops out there.”


NBRA’s National Business Development Manager, Michael Wicks stated, “The pandemic has put a gruelling strain on an industry which was already faced with many challenges and tight margins but it has made so many Bodyshop owners realise they no longer want to be standing alone and they welcome the support of the industry’s trade body. We can support repairers in so many ways and by fully utilising the benefits we offer along with our discounted supplier solutions we can significantly improve your bottom line, efficiency and even help you reduce your carbon footprint in the process.”


If you’re interested in becoming an NBRA member either as a supplier or repairer, please email