This week NBRA, represented by national technical manager Thomas Hudd, had the pleasure of catching up with one of their valued members, Wayne Morgan of Phoenix Enhancement Services Ltd.

The discussions centred on one of the lesser-known services that NBRA provides for all of its members, debt recovery, Wayne had this to say:

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding debt recovery services provided by NBRA. Our experiences with their team have been nothing short of exceptional, leading to significant success in recovering overdue invoices.

“NBRA’s expertise extends beyond conventional debt recovery. What sets them apart is their nuanced understanding of how to navigate the intricacies of insurance companies. They possess an innate ability to identify the right contacts within these organisations, swiftly resolving any issues that may arise. This, in turn, expedites the payment process, affording our team the luxury of focusing on our core strengths—meticulously repairing vehicles to the highest standards.

“The seamless collaboration with NBRA has not only ensured the timely settlement of outstanding payments but has also allowed us to streamline our operations, ultimately enhancing our overall efficiency.

“We are truly grateful for the invaluable support and results that NBRA consistently delivers. Their professionalism, strategic approach, and proven track record make them an indispensable partner in our pursuit of financial success.”

The NBRA’s debt recovery service provides seamless support to all members in England and Wales. It extends comprehensive assistance in drafting court documents and navigating the entire legal procedure. Accessing the service is easy; members can start the process by completing a form on the NBRA website, submitting any necessary evidence and invoices. From there, the NBRA will get started, representing your interests.

Find the form here: