“The Chancellor’s decision to raise the VAT registration threshold from £85,000 to £90,000 is well received by the NBRA as it will alleviate pressures on body shops amidst escalating energy costs and the cost-of-living crisis.” said Martyn Rowley Executive director of the National Body Repair Association (NBRA) that represents car body repairers in the UK.“While welcoming this increase, there is need for broader reforms in business rates, which currently stand at their highest level ever, at 54p in the pound. The absence of action in this area raises concerns for car body repairers facing mounting costs and operational challenges. Given the vital role body shops play in the automotive industry and their significance to our communities, government financial support is imperative and eagerly awaited.”

In a positive development, the NBRA recognizes the extension of the Recovery Loan Scheme until March 2026, now renamed as the Growth Guarantee Scheme. This initiative, aimed at facilitating SMEs’ access to funding, represents a welcome development and will offer crucial support to businesses nationwide.”

“The lack of direct response in the Spring Budget regarding the skills gap in the repair sector is a missed opportunity. The NBRA urges the Government to simplify the Apprenticeship Levy application process to bolster the recruitment of apprentices and address the pressing demand for fresh talent and expertise.”

Rowley concluded: “NBRA will continue to engage with the government to ensure support for body shops and vehicle repairers.”