The NBRA will host a series of six 45-minute webinars in partnership with Cognoscenti, a newly formed collaboration designed to highlight both the changes the industry has gone through over the last three years and the urgent need for a united industry-wide response to these changes.

The six webinars, exclusively for NBRA members, will be hosted by NBRA executive director Chris Weeks and Cognoscenti founders Andy Warren, Dave Shepherd, and Kate Goodwin.

Chris Weeks, executive director of the National Body Repair Association, said:

“We are very proud to start this project with Cognoscenti. In the last couple of years, our members have been going through some hard times and we have been trying to offer support and advice in different ways.

We admire what Cognoscenti are doing for our industry, and we think they can offer guidance to our members to navigate the critical issues they are facing.

Kicking off at 7 pm on Thursday 26 January I will be joined by Dave, Andy, and Kate to discuss the cost-of-living crisis and how it might impact repairers, your suppliers, your staff, and your customers.”.

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To find out more about Cognoscenti please visit their website: