In a bold stride towards a greener future, the National Body Repair Association (NBRA) and the Vehicle Builders and Repairers Association (VBRA) proudly announce their alliance with Cadence Performance. This exciting partnership is set to redefine commuting standards, championing sustainability and wellness across the automotive industry.

Cadence Performance, renowned for its cutting-edge bike stores and cycling hubs, presents an unparalleled opportunity for industry stakeholders to embrace eco-conscious transportation alternatives. While originally serving the south-east region of the UK, Cadence extends its transformative services nationwide, offering innovative solutions to curb emissions and promote cycling as a premier mode of commute throughout Britain.

Aligned with the NBRA’s steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship, Cadence’s mission to advocate for lower emissions through cycling resonates deeply. By harnessing Cadence’s expertise, NBRA and VBRA members are poised to explore sustainable commuting avenues for themselves and their workforce, creating a culture of eco-awareness within the sector.

Cadence Performance introduces two new initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable commuting practices:

1. Cycle to Work Scheme: Empower employees to get bikes and gear with government support, spreading costs over 12 months via monthly payroll deductions. Enjoy tax savings up to 50%, with an exclusive 10% discount on bike purchases through the NBRA/VBRA partnership with Cadence Performance.

2. Bicycle Subscription: Cycle Cadence by Cadence Performance offers a new bike for 6, 12, or 18 months with a fixed monthly fee. No upfront costs for employers, same tax benefits as Cycle to Work Scheme for employees. Includes bike insurance, locks, servicing, and access to WithU fitness app. Manage contracts and invoices easily online.

As the summer sun approaches, there’s no better time to embrace cycling and reduce your carbon footprint, whilst also improving your personal wellbeing. By forging an alliance with Cadence Performance, NBRA and VBRA members gain access to a long list of resources and incentives to jumpstart their journey towards a sustainable commute.

To find out more about the exciting cycling opportunities offered by Cadence Performance visit:

Welcome to the future of eco-friendly commuting. Welcome to Cadence Performance.

About Cadence Performance

Cadence Performance is a leading provider of specialized bike stores and cycling hubs, dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation solutions and fostering a culture of wellness. With a commitment to reducing emissions and enhancing personal fitness, Cadence Performance offers innovative initiatives and unparalleled expertise to empower individuals and organizations towards a greener, healthier future.