One lucky garage could soon get their hands on an overseas vehicle technician at no charge, something that would normally cost £5,800 in fees plus VAT to arrange, thanks to a fantastic prize draw being run by Easy2Recruit, the agency helping garages hire overseas talent.


To enter, garages just need to provide their contact details to Easy2Recruit: “We have the answer to the skills crisis,” said Ambi Singh, CEO of Easy2Recruit. “Seize this chance to integrate an overseas vehicle technician on a permanent full-time basis into your team with our exclusive prize draw absolutely free, with no recruitment or relocation management fees.”


Since launching last June, Easy2Recruit has been helping automotive businesses access skilled workers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and India. “We cover relocation from overseas right to the workshop in the UK,” said Ambi. “The garage owner just needs to be compliant to sponsor overseas workers by getting a licence from the Home office which we can help with and perform a selection video interview with the candidate. We then handle all the pastoral care for the overseas worker, including visa application flight booking and accommodation. Ultimately, we prepare the route for the first day at work.”


Ambi added: “We’re revolutionising UK automotive workshop hiring, and by entering our prize draw, garages have the chance to revolutionise their day-to-day in the workshop by boosting staff levels with no fees to pay.”


The draw is taking place on 15th May. To enter, click on this link and fill in the entry form:

Alternatively, email your name, phone number and garage name to:


To find out more about Easy2Recruit’s staffing solutions, garages should visit: