Pybus Recruitment: Connecting Talent with Opportunity. 

With over 50 years of invaluable experience in the automotive sector and two decades dedicated to recruitment, Pybus Recruitment stands as a beacon of trust for those seeking their dream job or ideal candidate. 

Our extensive history within the sector has cultivated a profound understanding of the industry’s nuances. Armed with specialist knowledge and hands-on experience, we boast a unique perspective that enables us to navigate the diverse roles within the sector adeptly. At Pybus Recruitment, we take pride in the art of matchmaking – aligning people with their perfect roles by considering individual circumstances, aptitudes, and characters. 

Recognising the varied levels of experience and qualifications demanded by the automotive roles we recruit for; we provide a personalised service to both candidates and employers. Our commitment involves understanding the distinctive needs and desires of each party, from crafting the perfect CV to interview preparation, we guide our candidates while supporting automotive employers in discovering prospective talent. Our insights into the industry’s different roles ensure a seamless fit between candidates and employers. 

When you reach out to Pybus Recruitment, you connect with knowledgeable professionals who bring a human touch to the recruitment process. Whether you’re searching for the perfect job or employee, we set you on the right path. 


Our Mission & Values 

Trustworthy and reliable, Pybus Recruitment aligns with employers of choice in the automotive sector – those who value our candidates as much as we do. We fuse vast knowledge and sector experience with a personalised approach to meet the unique requirements of both candidates and employers. 

MD Colin Pybus said we are delighted to become a member of NBRA as we share the same values around supporting business. We work with some of the industry’s biggest names and understand Recruiting the right talent is a significant challenge. We have a proven track record and look forward to supporting NBRA members with their Recruitment needs.

Email or contact 0191 823 7799 for more information.  

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