• UK vehicle salvage, dismantler and recycler SYNETIQ supports bodyshops and repairers to minimise vehicle off-road time as supply chain issues cause increasing delays, with more vehicles being written off as a result
  • Growing numbers of repairers turn to SYNETIQ to source green parts – readily-available, recycled genuine parts to reduce wait times
  • The business’ mygreenparts platform lets repairers use existing software to generate an estimate for vehicle repair, with instant green parts matches from its inventory of over 240,000 parts


SYNETIQ, an IAA Company and one of the UK’s leading integrated vehicle salvage, dismantlers and recyclers, continues to support bodyshop and repair networks to reduce vehicle off-road time.

As supply chain constraints drive shortages, and repairers have a high proportion of cars in WIP waiting for parts, SYNETIQ’s mygreenparts platform is proving to be an invaluable tool for customers who are searching for readily available green parts.

Allowing repairers to use their existing software system to generate an estimate for a vehicle repair, mygreenparts automatically notifies SYNETIQ’s stock control system of the parts required. This enables SYNETIQ to offer all matching items from its inventory of over 340,000 green parts and provide repairers with an instant estimate.

The National Body Repair Association (NBRA) say its members are still facing challenges around parts delays, with a growing number of vehicles being written off to mitigate the problem. And, with the recession looming and rising energy bills, repairers are searching for new ways to cut down their overheads. Chris Weeks, Executive Director at the NBRA said:

“NBRA recently heard from repairers about the issues they are having regarding parts delays and the vehicle being written off. We recently sent out a survey for our members to complete asking their experience on the matter.”

“We are delighted to see SYNETIQ providing support to bodyshops, which are already facing financial pressure from electricity bills and the cost-of-living-crisis. In these critical times, it is encouraging to see a platform like mygreenparts able to supply the best quality to repairers at the best price and with the least impact on the environment.”

Significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly, green parts contain less embedded carbon and cost up to 75% less than their newly manufactured equivalent. Guaranteeing that quality standards are maintained, SYNETIQ dismantles category B vehicles and ensures they are processed responsibly, with component inspection and full traceability. Parts have been graded, cleaned, safety checked and come with a declaration certificate of parts conformity, BS 10125.

Mygreenparts enables repairers, insurers, and fleets to measure and report the emissions and carbon savings they achieve through this climate-conscious approach. Captured data can be used to identify trends and enhance fulfilment rates.

To complete NBRA’s survey please visit: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/KVZPKQL