Training & CPD

With expiries and reaccreditations being currently unevenly split across the three-year cycle, 2024 will be a very busy year for re-accreditations. Delegate spaces are filling up, so if you have any accreditations expiring this year, now is the time to begin thinking about booking these up.


Did you know?

Taking a re-accreditation course early does not affect the expiry date. If you take a course early the new period of accreditation will begin when the old one expires. This means there is no reason not to take the re-accreditation early.


Thatcham Research offers a wide range of Full Route and Reaccreditation courses. These include:

  • Senior Panel Technician Accreditation and Reaccreditation
  • Senior M.E.T Technician Accreditation and Reaccreditation
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Level 3 Qualification and Accreditation
  • ADAS Calibration Accreditation
  • Senior Paint Technician Accreditation and Reaccreditation
  • VDA Accreditation and Reaccreditation


Blended VDA Re-Accreditation

This one-day IMI Accredited course is suited to Vehicle Damage Assessors (VDAs)

who require reaccreditation for compliance to BS10125.


What will you learn?

This blended course includes online learning to provide technicians with an awareness of the skills and knowledge required before the assessment which is carried out on the assessment day.


Content includes:

  • eLearning activities
  • Three escribe exercises
  • An image assessment exercise
  • Thatcham Technical Bulletins to read (accessed directly from escribe)
  • A presentation with voiceover to view
  • A short video detailing the inspection process
  • Example assessment paperwork
  • Two sets of multiple-choice questions similar to the VDA assessment, for you to test your knowledge.


Practical Elements:

  • AOM-077- establishing accident circumstances and occupants
  • AOM-078 establish and record vehicle data, and the pre-accident condition
  • AOM-079 appraising the damage and compiling a safe and appropriate repair specification using researched or vehicle manufacturer data
  • AOM-055 establishing vehicle damage circumstances
  • AOM 056 vehicle technology


Upcoming Training Course Dates

Here are our courses running over the next few months.


  • EV Safe IMI Accreditation – 12 February, 13 March – One-day assessment with e-learning
  • Blended VDA IMI Re-accreditation – 13 February, 11 & 12 March – One-day assessment with e-learning
  • High Voltage Vehicle Awareness – 1 March – Thatcham Research certified one-day course
  • Senior M.E.T Full route IMI Accreditation – 6 March – Three-day advanced course
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems IMI Accreditation – 18 March – Two-day advanced course
  • Introduction to VDA – 19 March – Thatcham Research certified two-day course
  • SRS and Trim – 20 March – Thatcham Research certified two-day course


Below are other courses available or if you are after something different.


  • EV Safe – Two-day preparation & assessment
  • ADAS and Calibration – Thatcham-certified one-day course
  • High Voltage Awareness – Thatcham-certified one-day course
  • IAEA Full route accreditation – Four-day preparation & assessment
  • IAEA re-accreditation – Two-day preparation & assessment
  • IMI Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) – Two-day preparation & assessment
  • IMI Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Level 3 Accreditation – Two-day preparation & assessment
  • Introduction to VDA – Thatcham-certified two-day course
  • Introduction to Paint Refinishing – Thatcham-certified four-day course
  • Paint Preparation Techniques – Thatcham-certified two-day course
  • Paint Refinishing Methods – Thatcham-certified two-day course
  • Senior M.E.T. IMI Full Route – Three-day preparation & assessment
  • Senior M.E.T. IMI re-accreditation – Two-day preparation & assessment
  • Senior Paint IMI Full Route – Three-day preparation & assessment
  • Senior Paint IMI re-accreditation – Two-day preparation & assessment
  • Senior Panel IMI Full Route – Four-day preparation & assessment
  • Senior Panel IMI re-accreditation – Two-day preparation & assessment
  • SRS & Trim – Thatcham-certified two-day course
  • Technical Update course – Thatcham-certified two-day course
  • VDA IMI Full Route – Four-day preparation & assessment
  • Blended VDA IMI re-accreditation – One-day assessment with e-learning