The NBRA Podcast Episode 1 has been released, which features Crash Assessor UK’s Managing Director, Andy Watson.

Andy Watson has had a fruitful life within the automotive industry and it was great to be able to understand more about the journey he has been on, to becoming Founder and Managing Director for Crash Assessor UK.

On the NBRA website there features a Virtual VDA service which has been produced in collaboration with Crash Assessor UK, for our repairer members.

This podcast has ultimately spring-boarded onto becoming our next Webinar topic, hosted next Tuesday 9th March which is titled ‘VDA: The Virtual Deal’.

Please, take a look at our first episode which covers many engaging topics such as Andy’s entrepreneurial skills, VDA apprenticeships, mental health discussions and Insurer/Bodyshop relations.

Finally, if you would like to hear more from Andy, Thomas and the NBRA team about our Virtual VDA Service, please register for next weeks webinar.

We look forward to seeing you.

Registration Link:

Podcast Timestamps:

0:00:34 – About Andy Watson & Crash Assessor UK.

0:06:26 – What is a stand out moment in your life that changed you?

0:08:40 – Who has been the greatest influence for you at work?

0:11:48 – Is there a particular achievement/accomplishment that you are most proud of? 0:17:50 – How did you get into the bodyshop industry?

0:22:20 – Why did Crash Assessor UK spring on from estimating to helping with audits, training and essentials?

0:25:45 – What are your thoughts on VDA apprenticeships?

0:27:53 – Have you heard of School of Thought?

0:28:35 – Can you name any particular businesses or people that you have helped?

0:33:20 – What is the biggest challenge you face?

0:35:55 – Discussion about Mental Health in adults and children.

0:39:40 – When did you first hear about The National Body Repair Association?

0:45:10 – Discussion about the importance of Virtual VDA service on the website and how it can help businesses.

0:51:20 – What is your view on Insurer/Bodyshops relations?

0:59:25 – If there was anything in the industry you could change, what would it be?

1:05:05 – Sign off.