When Rip Off Britain seeks an in-depth understanding of motor insurance and body repairs, their first point of contact is always Tim Kelly at Motorclaimguru.
Tim emphasizes the importance of presenting the general public with an alternative perspective to what is often portrayed in the media by the Association of British Insurers. To facilitate this, he introduced the Rip Off Britain team to Chris Weeks, our director at the National Body Repair Association (NBRA), suggesting that they reach out to him for an accurate depiction of how insurers mistreat both the body repair industry and consumers.

In his role as an industry expert, Tim sheds light on the issues surrounding the supply of courtesy cars, attributing them to the insurers’ choice of partners among approved repairers, effectively creating a “supply chain” problem.

Motorclaimguru plays a crucial role in training body repairers on how to overcome the obstacles presented by insurers, who often steer customers away from them. Tim firmly believes that providing training and knowledge are the key tools needed to shift the balance of power in favor of repairers.

“I love nothing more than challenging insurers to change their behavior and ensure fair treatment for both consumers and repairers, ultimately helping them achieve their desired outcomes,” says Tim. He thoroughly enjoys collaborating with the Rip Off Britain team and eagerly anticipates providing them with further insights in the future.

To discover more about Motorclaimguru, please visit www.motorclaimguru.co.uk. The website offers a wealth of free resources that can be utilized. Additionally, to learn about the training available to counter insurers’ practices, please utilize the contact form found at https://www.motorclaimguru.co.uk/how-to-contact.