Being a member of the NBRA provides you and your technicians with a range of training opportunities.

Our suite of technical training courses span all skill levels, progressing from introductory
half day on-site training to comprehensive classroom based courses, and are flexible in
the way they accommodate the needs of your business. All on-site courses can be
arranged on a date and time that causes the least disruption to your workshop, and RMI
Academy courses are available at all training centres.

All of our current technical training courses are listed below. Click on a course for
more information, and call  01788 225 908  to book your training on a date that suits

 ADAS Introduction & Awareness (Link) RMI Academy | ADAS Introduction &
Awareness (
 Awareness & Practical (Link) RMI Academy | ADAS Awareness & Understanding Level 1
 IMI AOM 230 (Link) RMI Academy | ADAS AOM 230 (
 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Awareness and Safety (Link) Hybrid/EV Awareness and
Safety | rmi-academy (
 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Routine Maintenance Level 2 (Link) RMI Academy |
Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Maintenance Lv2 (
 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Repair Level 3 (Link) RMI Academy | Electric/Hybrid Vehicle
Repair Level 3 (
 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Repair Level 3 E-Learning (link) RMI Academy |
Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Repair Level 3 (
 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Repair Level 4 (Link) RMI Academy | Diagnosis, Testing and
Repair of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles and Components Level 4 (
 Air Conditioning Refrigerant Handler (F-GAS) Accreditation RMI Academy | F-Gas
Accreditation (
 Wheel Alignment Introduction & Awareness (Link) RMI Academy | Wheel Alignment
Introduction & Awareness (
 Wheel Alignment Awareness & Practical (Link) RMI Academy | Wheel Alignment
Awareness & Practical (
 Principles of Diagnostics (Link) RMI Academy | Principles of Diagnostics
 Oscilloscope Introduction (Link) RMI Academy | Oscilloscope Introduction
 Intermediate Electrics (Link) RMI Academy | Intermediate Electrics