Automotive Training

The NBRA are committed to partnering with the best training providers in the UK and keeping up to date with Vehicle technical advances to bring our members current meaningful training.

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The Hottest Training Courses Right Now 🔥

At the NBRA training is a top priority for us, so we’ve put together a list of the top ten training courses available for you right now.

1.     Hybrid Electric Vehicle Courses, Level 1,2 & 3

2.     ADAS Competence Accreditation (IMI AOM 230)

3.     BS Weld Testing (Onsite)

4.     Senior Panel Re-accreditation (IMI)

5.     Senior MET Re-accreditation (IMI)

6.     Aluminium Panel Repair

7.     Plastic Repair

8.     Senior Panel Accreditation

9.     Senior MET Accreditation

10. Aluminium Welding Cosmetic & Structural

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